Apples and Snakes POTM: Yomi ‘GREEds’ Sode

gREEDS cOATApples and Snakes’ Poet of the Month and Jawdance host Yomi Sode (a.k.a. GREEdS) talks to us about the highs and lows of showcasing his one-man show COAT.

I am excited and in good spirits at the moment. The Re:Play programme finished on July 25th.  I had the amazing opportunity of showcasing COAT.  Not sure if I prepared myself for how intense the programme would be. I laughed, cried and re-drafted over and over again.  I fell ill two days before show day! A tad bit disappointing. If I had powers, I most certainly would have held it for those two days but these things can’t be helped. The performance went well and I felt good, knowing I gave my all. Massive thank you to Nimble Fish (the organisers), the mentors and especially the writers that took part in the programme.  

I started this week knowing I had several things to complete however, I felt increasingly tired, not bothered and lazy. I yawned every other minute and felt like time was not moving. I realised that my body was slowly crashing and I needed some time out. Issue is though; I find it really difficult to switch off. I suppose that this is the next phase of learning for me, knowing when to take a break and reflect rather than always “being on the go”.

I also co-present a night called BoxedIN, it’s ran by myself and Sean ‘Until You Hear That Bell’ Mahoney atbOXED IN Boxpark Shoreditch. We big the night up as the quickest open mic night in London! We start at 7pm, end at 9pm. We have really good cupcakes, and refreshments to quench your thirst. The night is Dope, all it needs is you to tell a friend and join the party. July’s BoxedIN boasted over 110 people! train suspension and all, so please attend August’s BoxedIN (Aug 25th) to reach that same number if not MORE!

Yomi Sode

To find out more about Yomi’s work, you can visit his website, or say hello to him on Twitter