A Week with Apples and Snakes by Seren Kiremitcioglu

Seren Kiremitcioglu interns at Apples and Snakes HQ for a week, here she blogs about her experience…

In March 2016, I discovered the wonderful world of Apples and Snakes. After getting back from a spontaneous trip abroad, I was frustrated – I wanted to constantly feel purposeful and excited for life, not just when I decided to hop on a plane. So, I started looking for opportunities that would provide me with some purpose and ‘get up and go.’ Spoken word was always something I was intrigued to watch, especially when friends sent me videos on YouTube – but in no world did I expect to be given the incredible opportunities I have been by England’s biggest spoken word and performance poetry organisation. I was really excited when South West coordinator Gina Sherman reached out to me; when she asked me to write for Forked back in May, I was really excited to have my name published over on the blog, but the opportunities didn’t stop there. I was offered the chance to volunteer and take over the social media platforms for the South West while the incredibly lovely Gina took maternity leave, and it felt like a big thing to be trusted with their social media accounts!

Best of all, I was offered an all expenses paid internship to the Apples and Snakes head office in London. Everyone in the office was extremely accommodating; when I couldn’t do a 3 month internship due to university and a part time job, they allowed me to create my very own time slot. I decided to go up for a week as I didn’t have any contracted hours at work that week, and it was one of the best and most valuable experiences I’ve had to date. Best of all, I didn’t have to make a single hot drink!

Travelling to London, I felt incredibly nervous. Being born there and raised in Kent for the first 13 years of my life, it had been a while since I’d properly felt the relentless pace of capital city life. It was slightly anxiety inducing – I live in Plymouth where the most exhilarating mode of transport is a bus and if I’m honest, I barely even use that. However, my great friend Fi took amazing care of me during my stay in London and even took me on a dummy run of what would be my daily commute. The overground is a lot less daunting than it seems, if not a little packed!

On my first day I was really warmly welcomed by everyone in the marketing department and very quickly felt at ease. I was given a seat in front of the John Hegley Mac (all of the office Mac’s are named after famous IMG_6175poets – a little touch I really loved!) and Nina, the lovely Marketing and Communications Coordinator made me feel right at home and showed me all the ropes. Once I was familiar with everything going on, I cracked on with scheduling tweets and Facebook posts, as well as researching more of what the company does around the country, rather than just in the South West.

I also have to thank Alice Frecknall – she was always really happy to answer my questions, no matter how complicated or silly. Before the internship I could barely even open Photoshop, let alone use it, but with Nina and Alice’s help I soon designed some Facebook headers, event banners, ‘What’s On?’ images and even the Apples and Snakes poster for the September 2016 edition of Forked! I was so grateful to cultivate some awesome new skills.

I gained a lot of insight into the company when attending the staff meeting; it allowed me to understand how the office worked and what everyone’s roles were. It was a really positive place where everyone’s ideas were discussed and supported, and I truly loved the atmosphere. Everyone was really nice to me throughout the whole week and I learnt an insane amount about how marketing works, what goes into coordinating a UK wide company, how to strategise social media outlets and most fun of all, how to use Photoshop. Not to mention a great hour of yoga with my fellow colleagues.

The internship showed me that I’m definitely invested in a great company where I’m appreciated and valued for who I am and what I do. As for now, I am acting as a representative for the company, going to events in the South West – watch out for my review of Forked at Sea Change Festival!

Seren Kiremitcioglu is a freelance writer based in the South West. She writes for Tribe Magazine and runs her own blog, www.thursddayaddams.wordpress.com. You can find out more about her over at her website, www.serenkiremitcioglu.com.