An extract from February’s North East Snakebasket

This is an extract from February’s North East Snakebasket, to view the full version, click here.

Here it is, the month we’ve all been waiting for!! The month when Hannah Silva comes to ARC with her superb one-woman show!! I saw Opposition at the Edinburgh Fringe, and was staggered at Hannah’s energy, talent and innovation. She takes the jargon of politics and warps it into something first satirical, then surreal, then purely musical. Her unique style uses repetition and electronic looping, plus a high-speed physical theatre that is close to dance. If you only see one spoken word show this year, make it this! That’s on Thursday 16 February.

For anyone who is a poet, writer or performer, Hannah is also delivering a workshop before the show looking at her creative techniques – ‘language theft’ and looping. Both show and workshop can be caught for only £7.50, or free to ARCADE members. In other news…Scratch Tyne continues after a belter start in January. We’d love to welcome new audience members to the soup kitchen – an hour of great new poetry followed by soup and a natter? All for a quid and some feedback? You’d be a bit weird not to jump at that, to be honest.

And finally, a new project is underway to encourage our poets to make short films of their work. Read Our Lips was an enormously successful workshop last summer, resulting in 12 new poetry films, and now there is a specially-commissioned guide to making poetry shorts, designed for us by Writers’ Block. Get in touch if you’d like a copy, and keep following me @applessnakesne, where I will tweet download links to this, and much more!

Kirsten Luckins
North East Coordinator

This is an extract from February’s North East Snakebasket, to view the full version, click here.

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