Welcome to our new, exciting 16-25 area – a place for you, 16 to 20-fivers: poets, artists and communicators, with the biggest poetry bite of all!

Young creatives play a huge part in Apples and Snakes work and we are constantly striving to bring you exclusive and fun opportunities, to develop your learning and interaction with poetry and spoken word. Through this blog, we will update you with these opportunities and added extras as well!

The first opportunity that we have coming up is the brilliant FREE Writing Room. This is a space for young writers and spoken word artists to come together and share ideas, whilst learning from a well established artist.

In the run up to Joelle Taylor‘s appearance at The Writing Room on Tuesday 25 June we will be interviewing Joelle and we want your questions for this. Do you need advice with your writing? Want to know where Joelle’s inspiration stems from? Tweet your question to @applesandsnakes with #AskJoelle. 

Joelle is the Founder and Artistic Director of SLAMbassadors UK: the national youth slam showcasing talent from 12-18 year olds and a scheme which is ‘as much about the opinions of young people as it is about the forms they choose to write and perform in‘. (Joelle Taylor, ‘Schools & Workshops’).