Carmina Masoliver: My First Open Mic

My first ever experience behind the microphone was whilst at college, when one of my new friends took me to an Apples and Snakes open mic’ night at Battersea Arts Centre. I’d always written poetry, and although I’d had the fortune of seeing the likes of Benjamin Zephaniah perform, it wasn’t something I’d thought of doing myself.

Having gone to an all-girls school for five years, college was also my first experience of teenage boys. I read out a poem about dancing with a boy and then him not wanting anything more. The microphone was behind a bar, which was usual for a first-timer. Needless to say, I was very nervous.

Though I’ve been up to the mic’ a million times, not much has changed. But for me, it’s all about the feeling you get from doing it; connecting to the audience. Six years on, and I’m fighting to make a name for myself, but much of my success so far is down to Apples & Snakes. I’ve since been a Poet Shadow as part of ‘Shake the Dust’ and am due to develop a piece for ‘Word’s a Stage’. I’m so grateful and can’t wait for the future!

Carmina Masoliver