Enough Fierce Will: SJ Litherland in her own words by Jo Colley

In this month’s Home Cooking poetry podcast, Jo Colley shines a light on North-East poet and editor SJ Litherland.

SJ Litherland is a brilliant poet and editor who lives in Durham. She has been published by Bloodaxe Books, Flambard Press and Iron Press, and has six collections to her name, with another one, Composition in White, awaiting publication. She is Editor in Chief of Vane Women and was for many years a member of Colpitts Poetry: arguably the organisers of the most prestigious poetry events in the North East Region for many years. Community activist, exceptional writer, editor and organiser, with a breathtaking sense of style, listen to Jackie talk about her life, thoughts and beliefs, and describe her poetry practice.

With contributions from Kevin Cadwallender, Pat Maycroft, Pru Kitching, Marilyn Longstaff, Andy Willoughby and Peter Mortimer. The programme was produced by Jo Colley, with the support of Apples and Snakes. And with the invaluable help of Tom Grassick the Sound Man. Find Jo on Facebook.

Enough Fierce Will: SJ Litherland in her own words by Applesandsnakes on Mixcloud