From one young creative to another: Laura Dedicoat

From one young creative to another

Laura Dedicoat


Laura Dedicoat (From one young creative…)


What is your first memory of poetry?

My first real memory would have to be during high school English classes. I would be the student who couldn’t really focus and would spend the majority of the time messing around, but then as poetry activities would come up – both writing and analysing – I’d focus and enjoy my work, which my teacher, Miss Ludford, really picked up on, encouraged and highlighted it as one of my strengths.


When and why did you start considering you could be a poet?

I noticed it set me apart from the other students, but not necessarily positively at first. It was a bit of a hobby which I only really shared with my teacher as I was far “too cool” back then to admit it. Then with the constant support and belief of a legendary English department, some poets as role models, I really thought this was my kinda world.

What does poetry mean to you?

Initially poetry was all the things most hobbies are: a great confidence giver, a great social circle and something to fill my time with. Then as my life became more complicated, as it does when we grow up, I wasn’t great at articulating my emotions. Through poetry I began to really question myself, as we questioned writer’s intentions in class, as well as being able to off-load and figure things out in a constructive way. I have poems written to be heard, but I have a whole draw of poems that I don’t think I’ll ever be comfortable sharing, but they needed to be written… if that makes sense.

Your favourite verse:

(From a poem by super model – Gia Marie Carangi)

Life and death,
energy and peace.
If I stop today
it was still worth it.
Even the terrible mistakes that I made
and would have unmade if I could.

The pains that have burned me
and scarred my soul,
it was worth it,
for having been allowed to walk where I’ve walked,

to hell on earth,
heaven on earth,
back again,
far in between,
through it,
in it,
and above.

(From my own work)

I wanna make a change
Don’t know how but someday soon
Just don’t tell me the sky’s the limit
When I know there’s footprints on the moon …

One poet that should be looked up:

Ah there is SO many, that’s the hardest question ever! Deborah ‘Debris’ Stevenson is a poet who has had a massive influence on me. Her poetry is powerful and so real, but also on YouTube there are
videos of her experiences and achievements that really emphasise how hard work, focus and belief can help achieve amazing things.

From one young creative to another:

I’ve gained so much knowledge and advice that I’m on an amazing journey. There are many little things I could say. Attend as many events as you can, there’s loads everywhere if you look hard enough (Apples and Snakes is a great place to look). Take inspiration from anywhere, anything and anyone. Never eat yellow snow. From great pain comes great material. Believe in yourself, if not listen to those who believe in you (we all need reminding sometimes). Enjoy the ride!!


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