HOME COOKING: A Bilingual Poet in Schools by Michaël Vidon

In this month’s Home Cooking poetry podcast, bilingual poet Michaël Vidon explores the status of home languages at home and in school.

This podcast results from the work I have done in Redlands Primary School performing my poems, running multilingual poetry workshops and interviewing children and teachers on their relationships with languages at home and at school.

I have worked with a Year 5 class and a Year 6 class on idioms they have heard in English and home languages. This was the start of a reflection on the status of home languages at home and in schools. I have collected some of the poems produced by the children as well as their thoughts and shared some of my poems.

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– Translators in Schools with which I did a CPD: translatorsinschools.org
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You can find plenty of other initiatives and resources on multilingualcreativity.org.uk

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