Home Cooking: Trauma Genes by Sammy Brough

TRAUMA GENES produced by Sammy Brough is a spoken word podcast exploring ‘inherited trauma;’ the idea that violence, fear and stress can be passed on in the genes….

Perplexingly, scientific tests have linked physical health problems such as high blood pressure, heart disease, depression and obesity with trauma experienced generations ago. But this abstract idea is not purely scientific, and these lasting, undercover relics from the lived experiences of ancestors are not a new idea.

Through original poetic works from active spoken word artists and participants of Platform’s ‘Shake!’ courses, this podcast is a collaborative project unravelling tales, observations and personal accounts around the existence of trauma genes.

Home Cooking: Trauma Genes by Sammy Brough by Applesandsnakes on Mixcloud

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Home Cooking: Trauma Genes by Sammy Brough by Apples_And_Snakes on Mixcloud