June Snakebasket Extracts

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From London Coordinator Russell

Apr-100x100Hi there, poetry-pickers. Join us, if you will, on a journey into the centre of 2013, in a month that, like an ill-cast pantomime-horse, is considerably more substantial in its posterior than in its front bit. We’ll be proffering paternally prandial poetry at St Thomas’s Hospital on the 17th, with our Fathers’ Day Spoken Word Lunch. And Storycraft also on the 17th will be delighting those immediate products of paternalism – da littluns – later that same day at Rich Mix.

There’s the latest in our successful Writing Room series – this one featuring the mighty Joelle Tayloron the 25th, followed swiftly by Jawdance on the 26th, the open mic that’s as exciting as a cartoon skeleton playing its own ribcage like a xylophone. But which won’t give you nightmares. Possibly. Finally, a quick reminder for all you poets: the National Poetry Competition is now open for entries, and has a £5,000 first prize. Thinking of entering? Details here

That’s all. 10-10 till we do it again, as we used to say in CB radio days.



From West Midlands Coordinator Bohdan
hto_100x100Hello all! And just like that, we find ourselves in June. This month, several of our regular events will have their final regular installments before they go on their yearly summer hiatus. So, if you want to catch Hit the Ode, Level Up, and Wordsmiths & Co. before autumn, here’s your last chance. Look for line-ups, dates and details after the jump… And believe me, it’s well worth your time.

This month will also be the last month of filming for the Hit the Ode documentary, so if you would like to feature in the final edit – performing your work, nodding wisely in the audience, enlightening the world during an interview – get thee to the Victoria. And just a sneak peek into the future, let me tell you how excited I am at the prospect of working with the Birmingham Jazz & Blues Festival. We’ll be bringing you 8, count them, 8 lunch time poetry shows, each curated by a different local community of poets. Can’t wait.


From North East Coordinator Kirsten
LukeWrightFavPoet-100x100Hello! This month if you come to anything, come to Articulate on the 12th to see the phenomenally talented Luke Wright perform his show Your New Favourite Poet, with support from the wonderful Amanda Baker. Poetry Sundays continue at NeST on the 9th with Vowel Movements, a workshop and performance with Jenni Pascoe. And on the radio, it’s the turn of Joel Barrow to take on the Home Cooking mantle with a selection of live recordings from the recent highly-praised musical poetry improv sessions, which took place at System Gallery as part of The Late Shows. Tune in to basic.fm at 1pm on the 6th June for spoken word!

And if that’s not enough, this month’s Scratch Tyne on the 16th is a special launch event for Dawn Furness with her spoken word book/CD Adult Orphan, which fuses poetry, photography and music as she examines the process of clearing out her parents’ attic after their death and re-encountering the ephemera of childhood. Participants are invited to bring a contribution of food to the party of a dish or canapé that they remember that holds special memories from their childhood.


From South East Coordinator Pete
451_Web-thumb-100x100Hello, it’s that time of the month when the ping of the Snakebasket arriving in your inbox wakes you from your post lunch early-summer dreaming. Or something.?? There’s plenty to occupy poetic minds across the South East in June, some of which is listed below, including the monumental line-up of Zena Edwards and Jonny Fluffypunk at 451 on Monday 17 June,  with 451’s usual host in an unusual role – Rob Casey will have to introduce himself. (Let’s hope he doesn’t trip over his own hyperbole when he’s stepping onto the stage).

In May the young poets of Brighton took on the young MC’s of Brighton in Brighton’s first ever Youth Poets vs MC’s event, and the winner was … well, if you weren’t there you won’t know, but the gauntlet has definitely been thrown down for a re-match next year.* Congratulations goes out to ArtfulScribe’s Matt West who was appointed Southampton’s first ever Children’s Poet Laureate in May. His role will be to inspire youngsters in all corners of the city to enjoy reading and writing poetry. ??*The winner was youth spoken word.


From South West Coordinator Gina

Sally-Jenkinson-100x100Welcome wordlings! First up, we bring you the beautiful, moving and witty tale that is Folly by the brilliant Sally Jenkinson on the 6th. Full of heartfelt and honest stories of traveling and searching for oneself accompanied by a delightful original guitar score. You will also catch the energetic story force known as Clive Pig, all in all a fantastic quality evening not to be missed. Later in the month check out Spectacular Vernacular from the 20-22 June, a poetry show supported by Apples and Snakes, part of the brilliant Fringe TheatreFest. This year I’ve added some superb regional talent to the usual enchanting mix of poets and performers. See you at a gig!