Kenny Baraka: Making Moves in Spoken Word

I left Brooklyn in search of a new banner under which to march.

Almost ten years later I am proud to count myself among the many Apples & Snakes frontline soldiers; brazen, courageous technicians of the word and its extrapolations. And like all the great armies of Good, Apples gave me the opportunity to be all I could imagine. And more. Not only was I expected to hone my skills and showcase my abilities, my talents but much more importantly the charge of evolve our craft through teaching it to and learning it from the hordes of gifted young artists to be all around the UK. Solely because of A&S and amazing staff as the likes of Lisa Mead, The Rememberers­ – a live Hip Hop graphic novel – has been touring nationally for more than a year now. It has given me, and countless young people, a look at the myriad possibilities of what spoken word can and will be.
Without Apples and Snakes long-term projects like My Label and Occupy! – programs which have and continue to train large numbers of youth poets all over London – would not exist, leaving those young lions alone in a very, very cold world.

In Apples & Snakes I found more than a new banner.

I found a cause.

I’ve found a home.

Kenny Baraka