Apples and Snakes Board member Kerry Featherstone on spoken word

It only takes a couple of bites.  You can be tempted by a ‘Snakebasket’, or hear something in your school.  And then it starts!

Seeing Polarbear at The Albany, the open-mic in Soho, slams making the walls wobble. Watching clips from Shake the Dust; kids strutting and confident in newfound poetics; voices raised in celebration over Olympic Park.  Clicking through the website A-Z of writers and performers for A&S; reading the names of new shows and gigs.  Who are these people?

And then sitting in an audience to listen: a woman firing words like low-recoil bullets; a young writer setting off lines like a chain of flash-bulbs; a pair of rappers on mics, tumbling rhymes one over the other into the audience, so that words go cartwheeling.

And it’s been thirty years. Despite some pretty stormy weather. I plan to stick around, see what happens next.

Kerry Featherstone

Listen to Kerry’s Interview with Dan Simpson for our 30th Anniversary launch party at Freeword Centre.