Goodbye, Matt Jones!

For the last six months, Matt Jones has been interning with the digital department at SPOKE, providing help and support to the team and gaining new experiences and skills along the way. Here are a few of his thoughts on the internship and his time at SPOKE.

Hi I’m Matt, the digital intern here at SPOKE, saying my final goodbyes and explaining my experience throughout the 6 month internship.

Summing up this internship is going to be difficult, simply for the sheer mass of knowledge, work experience, and life experience gained from working on SPOKE, in such a short space of time, that has flown by so quickly, words really won’t be able to portray it enough, nor my gratitude or thanks for such an amazing, positive, welcomingly challenging, all-round fulfilling job opportunity and a rare opportunity at that.

Immersing yourself within so many different working environments, with different work etiquettes, different types of people, different types of bosses, and learning from those people all the values and factors of the working world, whether it be a more corporate, freelance or creative type of work, from the way you present yourself in meetings, to the way you type up your e-mails, all the little things, being able to analyse, adapt & differentiate between them all, and figure out where I feel most comfortable, has been one of the greatest benefits that this internship in particular has offered me, a bulk of knowledge that I will definitely carry through when following into my next job.

My outlook on work life has unquestionably changed. All the frustrations and problems while finishing full time education, ‘battling’ through a series of surprisingly displeasing jobs, one after the other, re-evaluating what I wanted to pursue in life, and my career, admittedly having quite a defeated attitude, has been without a shadow of a doubt resolved. I’m mentally in a much better place on the subject of career. I feel so much more confident moving on into the next chapter of my career, and all the future endeavours I have in the pipeline.

The internship has opened my eyes and taught me a lot, although challenging at times, particularly on the communication front (making sure every partner is up to date with my workload, and juggling the workload from one partner to the other), I couldn’t have wished for a better opportunity, working alongside a great bunch of people, who made work feel more of a pleasure than a burden. Never once did I wake up for work with the feeling of not wanting to go in, which 6 months ago, I’d be telling you a different story.

This internship has rekindled my faith in the world of work. I know exactly what I want to do and where I want to go with my career and I’ve grown up as a person by sheer amounts, so if anything I just want to say thank you, to Spread the Word, Apple & Snakes, A New Direction & Claudia, I’m smiling from ear to ear. Its been a total success.

During his time with SPOKE Matt showed us his skills as a talented film editor. Here are some examples of the brilliant videos he edited.

SPOKE is a partnership project between A New Direction, Apples and Snakes, Spread the Word, SWEP (Spoken Word Educators Programme), and Discover Children’s Story Centre. Commissioned by the London Legacy Development Corporation as part of their legacy activities in and around the newly reopened Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.