Nick Field: Championing Change with Apples

  I can honestly say that Apples and Snakes changed everything for me. When I first started performing my work, four years ago or so, I’d mainly written for theatre so other people had always performed my words. I wanted to shake things up a bit and so I wrote pieces I could perform myself and took them to open mics, including Apples and Snakes. I started to get a lot of offers to perform, which was great, but I also wanted to fuse my theatre experience with spoken word, and then came the call.

I was invited to write a piece for the first Word’s a Stage. This was an amazing opportunity, and the performance piece I created ‘The Cosmos, The Cosmetics’ has since become a full show and toured internationally! Without Apples and Snakes I would not have had the chance to experiment with spoken word and push at the boundaries in the way I have. I’m excited about the future of spoken word, as its power and potential gets more recognition, we’ll hopefully see it getting more and more diverse.

Here’s to that, and here’s to Apples and Snakes and their championing of artists!

Nick Field

Catch our NEXT Word’s a Stage here on Wednesday 21 November 2012 @ Gallery Cafe London, with performances from Carmina Masoliver, Selina Nwulu, Anthony Hett and Errol McGlashan. All mentored by Malika Booker.