North East Go And See Fund

james wilkinson black and whiteTyneside poet James Wilkinson tells us how he put the North East Go And See Fund to good use!

It can feel a little isolated up here in the grim north, and as programme coordinator for the region I’ve often thought a travel bursary might be a good thing. So this year I finally got around to trying it out! It’s only a token pot, poets can claim back up to £50 towards the cost of anything that helps develop their career: performing out of region, going to see an artist they admire, even attending workshops. Take-up has been enthusiastic!

This summer, a couple of Tyneside poets decided to use the bursary to help them visit the Edinburgh Fringe.

First up James Wilkinson wanted to gather some inspiration for his own work, here he tells us about his experience…`

“Journeying to the Edinburgh Festival to check out some poetry and spoken word shows was fantastic for refilling my inspiration tanks. I got to see some really top notch performers. I was amazed at Kate Fox’s energy, pace and engaging MC skills in her show ‘Fox Populi. Spoken word shows like Sam Avery‘s Rock ‘n’ Dole, and Sophia Walker‘s Around The World In Eight Mistakes showed the power of delving deep into personal life experiences to create inspirational, touching themed shows. And the Other Voices spoken word show introduced me to a wide variety of performers I’d never seen, who did a great job of serving up poetic slices of their very different lives. All in all it was great to come into direct contact with spoken word from outside of the North East, and indeed from outside of Great Britain, and to see all kinds of different approaches to poetry and spoken word. I now feel in a great state for building my recent poetic scribblings up into something more tangible and sharable.”

To find out more about the North East Go And See Fund click here, or join the Apples and Snakes North East Facebook group