One Way Ticket Tour Blog: Week three

DSC04984Sophie Rose, one of the two artists assisting Rosie Harris with preparing the script for One Way Ticket, talks to Apples and Snakes about Week 3 of rehearsals!

Blimey, that sea shanty that Justin has written is catchy!

It’s been tornado-ing in my head all week. I reckon we’ll have a number 1 hit on our hands before this tour is over.

We are on week 3 now: it’s funny how the words spin in your head as you are writing a new piece of material.
I have found myself thinking about Ronnie and Jean – our central characters – a lot recently; on the bus, in the bath, even in my sleep. It’s partly the process that you go through when you create a script,

but I also think that these characters are hard to forget.
After all, One Way Ticket is based on real events that were experienced by real people so it’s important that we get the story right.


And this is when we start to work on detail.We have been tightening up our rhymes and storylines to make sure that every word counts. We are fortunate to have a wonderfully open working relationship, allowing us to interrogate our text together.

I think it is shaping up rather well!

And in today’s session we were joined by Chris Elwell who is helping direct the piece, and is fantastic. After sitting round the table with cups of tea, apples and biros, I was very excited to get up on my feet!DSC04547 We were zooming through the script – that’s one of the great things about spoken word, it has such momentum to it; you can’t believe all the places you’ve visited and people you’ve met in only 3 pages.


Rosie Harris was working hard on the other side of the wall, trying to fix a particularly tricky part of our story.
We need her to play 2 characters at the same time, talking to both Justin Coe and I, so it is quite a task!

We have had some great conversations about how we use theatrical conventions in OWT; how older Jean is re-playing her memories which allows her to slip in and out of the action.

This also makes the final scene more satisfying for our audiences.
I won’t give too much away but there will be Stannah Stairlifts, rapping and Hawaiian shirts.

Until then, how about a song to keep you going –

‘I can’t spot no kangaroos

All I see is sea

I can’t hear no didgeridoos

All I see is …’