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The Yellow Show Q & A

I always try to take a DIY approach towards everything I do, whether it is putting up a shelf, riding a bike or making love.  So with that in mind I decided to interview myself for Apples and Snakes about my first solo Poetry/Comedy show The Yellow Show.


Q.  Why didn’t you do a show about purple? The Purple Show. That could have worked.

A. Well I don’t really have any feelings towards purple. I quite like Donatello from Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles, but that isn’t enough to write a show around.

Q. They wrote loads of shows around Donatello, haven’t you seen Turtles?

A. Yes I have seen Turtles.

Q. No not those ones. Anyway, when you were writing the Yellow Show were there things that you wanted to put in that weren’t yellow that you wished were yellow so you could put them in?  Like Killer Whales?

A. Wow yes I love Killer Whales. Yes if Killer Whales were yellow they would have been quite heavily involved in the show. A yellow killer whale would be quite something wouldn’t it?  Better than a yellow blue whale.

Q. A green whale?

A. No

Q. What influenced you to write a show about Yellow?

A. I was at a music festival and on the Sunday morning I went to a happiness workshop. There was a guy stood up at the front telling everybody who was sitting on the floor how to be happy. One of the techniques he spoke about was to wear brightly coloured clothing. I was sat there in my yellow coat and I was really hungover and miserable and as he explained his theory people began to look round at me as if to say “Well look at him he’s wearing a yellow coat and he doesn’t look very happy at all.” As more people turned around the guy got more and more annoyed and I was asked to leave as I was sabotaging his lecture.  That made me realise that when I wore my yellow coat I felt ever so slightly happier. Not massively, but enough for me to notice it. I began to think, if wearing a yellow coat can cheer me up a bit, imagine how happy I could get if I wrote a whole show about the colour yellow and did it for a month in a cave in Edinburgh (Fringe Festival).

I started to look around for yellow things in the world and realised just how many there are.  I would walk around pound shops and things would jump out at me. The more yellow things I bought the better my bedroom got.  I think if you are going to spend a lot of time and energy doing something it has to be something you feel passionate about.  I feel passionate about the colour yellow but more importantly it means something real to me.  If I was doing a show about ghosts, I couldn’t do it because I have never seen one but I have seen the colour yellow loads. I believe in it.

Me, wearing yellow.

Q. If you like yellow so much why don’t you wear yellow trousers and a yellow hat and paint your face yellow and live in a yellow house and have a yellow bed?

A. When it comes to yellow there is a definite line and I am determined not to cross it.

Q. If yellow became extinct do you think people would care?

A. You mean if all things that were yellow faded to black or brown or something?

Q. Yes

A. It depends on how long it would take for stuff to fade. If it was over say a fifty year period and all things that were yellow went brown like slow bananas then I don’t know if people would notice because they wouldn’t be able to remember what yellow was. They couldn’t look at photographs of yellow things because the yellow in the photographs and all the yellow memories would have faded to brown too.

The_life_of_a_banana blog
Q. So people would care?

A. I would.

Q. What are you going to do when the yellow has faded to brown?

A. I am going to do a show about the sky.

Q. The sky with the brown sun?  If the sun was brown do you think it would make people yellow tan instead of brown?

A. Yes I guess so.



You can catch Rob at The Gallery Cafe, Tuesday 28 May, 7.30pm. #yellowshow



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