Rosemary Harris: From Sydney to London

Exciting Writing. That was where I first heard of Apples and Snakes. The title of the Arvon course reached me in Edinburgh where I was living (having moved from Sydney), and in 1999 I schlepped to Lumb Bank in  Yorkshire to see just what was so exciting about it. I met Steve Tasane, Patience Agbabi, Lemn Sissay, among others – all most definitely exciting writers and all set to change my life. I was blown away by their energy, their passion, their commitment to language and ideas. It wasn’t anything like any experience I had had of Literature before. And all were deeply involved in Apples and Snakes.

On moving to London a couple of years later I began to do gigs, with Apples and others, and that exposure and experience led to a whole shedload of other opportunities. London became my home and Apples was – and remains – utterly integral to the cultural landscape. Apples and Snakes holds a unique place in the contemporary culture of this country, and has encouraged and inspired the current healthy melee of live poetry as no other organisation has. I can’t imagine the wordscape without it.

Rosemary Harris
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