Rosie Harris: One Way Ticket

Rosie Harris talks to Apples and Snakes about the preparation behind her spring 2014 tour: One Way Ticket.


This big red ship is the beautiful LV21 in Gillingham. It’s very big and very red and we get to do our spoken word show in it! Rehearsals for the One Way Ticket Spring 2014 Tour are up and running (or should that be up and sailing?), thanks to Arts Council England’s Grants for the Arts and input from many extremely helpful people, especially Apples and Snakes (many thanks Lisa Mead and Pete Hunter) and Half Moon Young People’s Theatre (many thanks Chris Elwell).

Our four week tour next year includes two great theatres – Half Moon, and Tom Thumb Theatre Margate – and two ships. The LV21, plus the equally magnificent SS Shieldhall in Southampton, thanks to the introduction and liaison with the Nuffield Theatre (thanks Sharon Lawless). As this is now starting to sound like an Oscars thank you speech, here is a little bit about day one of rehearsals last week…

Sophie Rose and Justin Coe are still on board, after their superb contributions to the original scratch script and performance in May this year. I’m so happy that they are still involved to move forward with the piece. We were remembering on day one of rehearsals that we actually put together a one hour performance for 60 school kids in three half days of writing and rehearsal. A staggering feat, and good to know that we can move quickly because although we have a slightly longer rehearsal period this time there’s loads to be done, not least of which is to work out how we best use the different spaces on offer (none of us having ever performed on an actual ship before, although perhaps a career as cruise entertainers awaits us if we really take to it…).

What has come out of the rehearsals so far:

  • How much of the script needs re-working, now we’ve had time to step back and look at it more forensically.
  • Addressing the question of why choose a spoken word show for this subject (the British child migrants scandal)? Which has raised issues about making the show cohesive in its vision; the links between oral traditions and secret, unwritten histories is a very clear and helpful one to frame the show with (thanks Sophie for digging deeper with that one).
  • Returning to how to deal with more challenging material for younger audiences, making adjustments to how much we want to present, and how.

All of that great creative material to get our teeth into plus real ships! What more could we want?

Rosie Harris

Nov 13, 2013

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