Running up to the Epic London Midnight Run

Wow, tomorrow night I will be taking part in my first Midnight Run (MNR), as both Artist and participant.

TMRSo, what is this Midnight Run? I hear you say.  It’s the brain child of Inua Ellams, a ‘walking, night-time, arts-filled, cultural journey through a city’. Who is it for? ‘a typical Midnight Runner has a healthy sense of adventure and seeks experiences beyond the mainstream’. What happens exactly? ‘Our idea is to reclaim the streets of a city, to dispel the idea of ‘danger after dark’ instead to ‘discover after dark’. It is to grow urban communities, situate meetings of strangers, for relationships to blossom, to inhabit the confines of glass, concrete, steel and structure as a child does a maze: with natural play and wonderment’. Okay, I’m excited!

4 Runs, across the 4 corners of London, all starting simultaneously at 6pm to end at 6am! That’s 12 hours of creativity, conversation and connection. 12 hours to see the streets of London animated. 12 hours of personal discovery through sleep deprivation in wakeful darkness.

As part of the amazing team of MNR Artists I’ll be bringing my skills as a Poet & 20150304_135336Workshop Facilitator. Speaking Words and facilitating exercises to get everyone to unleash their own poetry. With South-London as our canvas and in observation of the world all around us – this is The poetry of people. To Connect, at a time when public spaces are being clawed away by our very own government I can’t wait to hear people’s voices, share laughter and see shifts in consciousness. In these acts, we are taking the Power back!

So if you’re free and easy on Saturday 18th July, join the Epic London Midnight Run community! Get a ticket and join the adventure….

Peace x

Lateisha Davine Lovelace-Hanson

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