Sketches from Both Sides of The Sky by Holly Daffurn

In this month’s Home Cooking Poetry Podcast, author and poet Holly Duffurn explores the relationship between creativity and mental illness, and the use of poetry as an expressive tool…

Sketches from Both Sides of The Sky is a collection of poetry, literary snapshots and insights that explores the subject of inherited mental illness, specifically bipolar disorder/manic depression. One of the intentions of this podcast is to encourage others to use poetry as a tool to express their deep-rooted inherited tendencies.

How do manic words taste on a balanced tongue? How do manic words dance in a mouth that is dark with depression?

If you are carrying a genetic tendency towards anything, be it a mental illness; a physical illness; a love of art; a passion for words; be sure to write it down, to speak it out loud and to preserve it for generations to come. This is your legacy, your grand inheritance. What you pass on to your children and their children should be the most valuable and treasured possessions that you have. Pass on your wisdom and your insight, pass on your courage and honesty, pass on your story and your words.

Sketches from Both Sides of The Sky by Holly Daffurn by Applesandsnakes on Mixcloud

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