SPINE Festival Artist in Residence – Jared Louche: The Land of Magnificent

We catch up with SPINE Festival Artist in Residence Jared Louche for all the latest from Harlesden Library…

These past few weeks, ensconced in the throbbing heart of Harlesden Library, have been one glorious ride through the Land Of Magnificent:Jared-001

deliriously crazy busy hours of knotting and unknotting tales,
hectic mania of tumbling activity,
explosive excitement of pushing pencils leaving their pirouette shavings and seed-sprouting poems behind.

They’ve been weeks of snipping scissors shearing
blind, blank pages into
rhythmic dots and jots of
colour and creation.

They’ve been weeks overflowing with flights of word-flow and the growth of that amazing unmapped terrain you discover when young minds really allow their imaginations to take wing. You can feel it, you can taste it, and if you stretch your mind out you can smell it

curling its perfume into the air around you,
sweeping through the shelves and across the elbow-covered, newspaper-drenched tables of the library.

During this SPINE residency the air in this space has been filled with the most spectacular sound, that sound that I love so much. Jared-005It’s the sparkling sound of speaking and laughter, of performing and questioning, wondering and discovering. It’s the sound of the glint in the eye, satori as it unspools through a group of youths like currents coursing through blue water.

It’s the sound of pages
turning ‘round to reveal the unknown and
of hands raised to tightly grasp
something new that used to be out of reach.

That’s the moment I love the most, when the penny drops and the light pops, when the latches unlatches and the door swings wide.

These past few weeks here in the throbbing heart of Harlesden have been rich with the those moments.

It’s hard to believe that it’s so suddenly drawing to a close. As with so many great residencies, there’s a sad and basic truth revealed here too: there’s always a bountiful overflow of the good stuff and never quite enough of the boring, mundane stuff.  Say what? I mean that there’s always enough thrumming genius, enough young minds hungry to take flight, enough hunger and drive to urge the delicate gossamer of a residency’s concept to unfold so that the word can become flesh. It’s just frustrating that there’s never enough boring time and never enough mundane money. This is the state of the Arts right now.Jared-002

So, you have to luxuriate in the Magnificent whenever it presents itself. SPINE has presented us with a mountain of it so far.

What I’ve been reading during the residency – they’re all books borrowed from Harlesden Library:

The Butler, a witness to history by Wil Haygood
Wool by Hugh Howey
The Room by Hubert Selby Jr
The 5th Wave by Rick Yancy
But Beautiful, stories from the Jazz Age by Geoff Dyer

There’s still time to get involved with one of Jared’s brilliant SPINE Festival workshops at Harlesden Library, visit his events page for all the details.

SPINE Festival is produced by Apples and Snakes in partnership with library authorities across London as part of Apples and Snakes’ work as an Associate Bridge organisation. For more information visit the SPINE project page or follow #SpineFestival.