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New Apples and Snakes Leadership Announced!

New Apples and Snakes Leadership Announced!

We’re very excited to announce the appointment of a new leadership team at Apples and Snakes.

Lisa Mead has become Artistic Director and Robert Saunders the Administrative Director.

Chris Elwell, Chair of Trustees at Apples and Snakes stated:

“The trustees are delighted to make these appointments. In a first for Apples and Snakes we have chosen joint chief executives that together will provide innovative, artistic ambition while ensuring that the business continues to provide a safe and secure environment in which the artform can flourish. This is a progressive

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The Library Takeover is Underway

Apples and Snakes Senior Associate, Nicky Crabb talks about Library Takeover, an innovative new project for young people aged 11-18 living in Waltham Forest or Croydon.

Sometimes I feel really lucky to have my job, especially when I get to spend time with two such inspirational people as Chris Elwell (Director of the Half Moon Theatre in Tower Hamlets) and Maeve O’Neill (facilitator and Creative Producer for Truth About Youth at Oval House). We recently spent a couple of days holed up in a room at the Free Word Centre

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One Way Ticket – Week Four

Rosie Harris talks ships, scripts and staging for the One Way Ticket tour.

Although we don’t start touring until March, the One Way Ticket team has recently been on a mini-tour, visiting the two superb ships (did I mention the ships?) that make up half of our tour venues – the magnificent SS Shieldhall in Southampton, and the equally lovely LV21 in Gillingham. The pictures here are of Chris Elwell from Half Moon and me finding our sea legs with some of our lovely venue hosts, along with …

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One Way Ticket Tour Blog: Week three

Sophie Rose, one of the two artists assisting Rosie Harris with preparing the script for One Way Ticket, talks to Apples and Snakes about Week 3 of rehearsals!

Blimey, that sea shanty that Justin has written is catchy!

It’s been tornado-ing in my head all week. I reckon we’ll have a number 1 hit on our hands before this tour is over.

We are on week 3 now: it’s funny how the words spin in your head as you are writing a new piece of material.
I have found myself …

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One Way Ticket Tour Blog: Week two

Justin Coe, one of the two artists assisting Rosie Harris with preparing the script for One Way Ticket describes the fun and excitement of the creative process.    

We’ve just finished our second (post-scratch) writing session at the Half Moon Theatre and we are all buzzing.

We’ve spent the day analysing the original One Way Ticket script and hearing the new material we’ve written since last week. The builders are busy banging outside the window, but that doesn’t put us off, we’ll need to harden up to the elements ourselves …

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One Way Ticket: Sophie Rose

At the end of last year, I wrote and performed my first poem for a small audience of friends through the Roundhouse Poetry Programme.
Soon after, one of these friends recommended I apply to be part of a project for emerging Spoken Word artists. The focus would be on writing for children, under the theme ‘Child Migration.’
My initial thoughts were:
• What’s child migration?
• That sounds interesting and I really like working with children.
• But I’m not a Spoken Word artist. Am I?
• And then …

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