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The Alternative Magna Carta Festival

Lucy Crompton-Reid, Director at Apples and Snakes, gives an insight into The Alternative Magna Carta Festival taking place at Free Word Centre, Farringdon on Saturday 13 June.

As a founding member of Free Word, Apples and Snakes supports freedom of expression, and we are increasingly concerned about an erosion of civil liberties and the possibility of UK withdrawal from the European convention on Human Rights. Given this context, the official celebrations of the Magna Carta this year become deeply ironic, given its status as the template for limited and …

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The Poetry of Climate Change - Jas Kapela

The Poetry of Climate Change – Jas Kapela

Writer and activist, Jas Kapela, explores his developing relationship with the environment and how he came to be interested in climate change and the role of art as a form of activism.

I was never a particularly big fan of the environment. It’s either cold and rainy or it’s windy and stormy, or else it’s hot and you sweat all the time. I wasn’t too keen on the animals either. Impossible to remember all the names of all the worms and to understand why God has created them. We really …

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The Library Takeover is Underway

Apples and Snakes Senior Associate, Nicky Crabb talks about Library Takeover, an innovative new project for young people aged 11-18 living in Waltham Forest or Croydon.

Sometimes I feel really lucky to have my job, especially when I get to spend time with two such inspirational people as Chris Elwell (Director of the Half Moon Theatre in Tower Hamlets) and Maeve O’Neill (facilitator and Creative Producer for Truth About Youth at Oval House). We recently spent a couple of days holed up in a room at the Free Word Centre

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It Turns Out All Poetry is Improv…

Ahead of The Word’s A Stage on Tuesday 14 April, we catch up with Becci Fearnley, one of the young writers who will be taking to the stage on the night to showcase a new collaborative improvised spoken word piece.

It Turns Out All Poetry is Improv…

I’ve been writing poetry since I was eleven years old, having discovered Wilfred Owen’s ‘Anthem for Doomed Youth’ in the back room of my junior school, and deciding that I wanted to be able to use words as skilfully as that. I’ve …

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30th Anniversary wrap up!

All through November we’ve been celebrating Apples and Snakes’ 30th anniversary. Here’s what we’ve been up to!

We staged 30 Events in 30 Days across England: starting with a bit of a party at Free Word Centre for the people we work with – have a look at photos from the event below! Throughout November we put on artist workshops, live gigs and education events, all culminating in our big John Cooper Clarke show last weekend in partnership with The Albany, who are also celebrating their 30th! Even …

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