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January Snakebasket Extracts

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From London Coordinator Russell
Gosh, can you believe it’s 2013? When I was a lad, there was a TV programme called Space: 1999, in which glamorous aliens underwent full-body molecular transformation in the time in takes you or me to make a cup of tea. A neat link, there, to The Rememberers, Kenny Baraka’s spectacular sci-fi spoken-word show. Imagine if you knew all the accumulated knowledge of your ancestors. (Think how full …

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An extract from November’s North East Snakebasket

This is an extract from November’s North East Snakebasket, to view the full version, click here.

Hello! From my desk here at ARC I can see a black sky and an incandescent tree – love it when the leaves turn. Makes me go all poetic, like. So what’s in store for November?!

Saturday 3 November – come and check out Simon Mole’s show Indiana Jones and the Extra Chair, showing at Live Theatre as part of Juice Festival. Your ticket includes Simon’s show, site-specific performances by …

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