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A Week with Apples and Snakes by Seren Kiremitcioglu

A Week with Apples and Snakes by Seren Kiremitcioglu

Seren Kiremitcioglu interns at Apples and Snakes HQ for a week, here she blogs about her experience…

In March 2016, I discovered the wonderful world of Apples and Snakes. After getting back from a spontaneous trip abroad, I was frustrated – I wanted to constantly feel purposeful and excited for life, not just when I decided to hop on a plane. So, I started looking for opportunities that would provide me with some purpose and ‘get up and go.’ Spoken word was always something I was intrigued to watch, …

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Hi All,

My name’s Joe Moran and I’m here as one of your Friendly Neighborhood Digital and Marketing Interns. Unlike many of you reading this I don’t really have much experience in the realms of Spoken word and performance poetry; as such I’ll keep this short and sweet…

My background has been more geared towards the visual arts (in particular Sculpture and Installation), in fact most of my writing experience has come in the form of making up seventeen syllable words to describe niche areas of Contemporary Art.

This means …

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Goodbye, Matt Jones!

For the last six months, Matt Jones has been interning with the digital department at SPOKE, providing help and support to the team and gaining new experiences and skills along the way. Here are a few of his thoughts on the internship and his time at SPOKE.

Hi I’m Matt, the digital intern here at SPOKE, saying my final goodbyes and explaining my experience throughout the 6 month internship.

Summing up this internship is going to be difficult, simply for the sheer mass of knowledge, work experience, and …

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Carl Sealeaf: My Week with Apples

So, a week with Apples and Snakes… that seemingly omnipresent organisation lurking behind every facebook group and flyer, stamped on workshops and festivals and showcases up and down the country. What’s it actually like here? Do sonnets dribble out of cracks in the ceiling? Do the staff sit on beanbags and host office-slams over lunch break? How does an organisation so rich and essential to poetry in this country keep functioning?

Honestly? The same way every other organisation functions – with hard work and regular, daily commitments. Most of …

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