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New Apples and Snakes Leadership Announced!

New Apples and Snakes Leadership Announced!

We’re very excited to announce the appointment of a new leadership team at Apples and Snakes.

Lisa Mead has become Artistic Director and Robert Saunders the Administrative Director.

Chris Elwell, Chair of Trustees at Apples and Snakes stated:

“The trustees are delighted to make these appointments. In a first for Apples and Snakes we have chosen joint chief executives that together will provide innovative, artistic ambition while ensuring that the business continues to provide a safe and secure environment in which the artform can flourish. This is a progressive

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One Way Ticket: Sophie Rose

At the end of last year, I wrote and performed my first poem for a small audience of friends through the Roundhouse Poetry Programme.
Soon after, one of these friends recommended I apply to be part of a project for emerging Spoken Word artists. The focus would be on writing for children, under the theme ‘Child Migration.’
My initial thoughts were:
• What’s child migration?
• That sounds interesting and I really like working with children.
• But I’m not a Spoken Word artist. Am I?
• And then …

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Louder than a Bomb – Day 3 report

The young poets are off on a trip round the city and its the organisers that are spending time getting to know whose who and hearing what each other are doing in their cities. There is clearly lots of common ground, regardless of programme structure or which city it takes place in. There is absolute commitment, integrity and passion from all those doing this work, they all speak about wanting to give a space for young people to be able to truly say what they think and feel. They are …

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Louder than a Bomb – Day 2 report

After a plate of pancakes and maple syrup – well, I am in the states! I head off to the youth hostel where the days discussions and workshops are taking place for day two of Louder Than a Bomb. With Kevin Coval as our charismatic facilitator, we start with some writing exercises, a chance to get everyone to mix up and create some collaborative poems. Even with this simple exercise I am impressed by the quality of work and confidence in performance shown by the young poets, and …

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Louder than a Bomb – Day 1 report

Excited, I arrive in Chicago for the first time to see Louder than a Bomb, the city’s youth slam competition now in its 13th year run by Young Chicago Authors. Disappointingly the windy city is surprisingly un-windy, although there is snow! A quick check into the hotel and I’m heading off to the Cultural Center with Jacob Sam-La Rose to see what’s going down – we’re interested in seeing how the youth poetry scene is here and what the similarities are with our scene, particularly following Shake the

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