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A Lie

A Lie

Hi, Francesca here, lurching out of my social media black-out cave (like Fight Club, but just me) to talk about my new show, A Lie. Honestly, it’s a misleading title. The show explores imagination, memory, language and the stories we tell about ourselves. It asks the question: ‘How do we know what is real and what is make believe?’

I haven’t yet been able to answer that question. Fortunately, I did find the answer to these questions:

‘What is the meaning of life?’
‘Who are we?’ and
‘What were we …

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June Snakebasket Extracts

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From London Coordinator Russell

Hi there, poetry-pickers. Join us, if you will, on a journey into the centre of 2013, in a month that, like an ill-cast pantomime-horse, is considerably more substantial in its posterior than in its front bit. We’ll be proffering paternally prandial poetry at St Thomas’s Hospital on the 17th, with our Fathers’ Day Spoken Word Lunch. And Storycraft also on the 17th will be delighting those immediate products …

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