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Edwinify yourself…

The email was from the Royal Institute of British Architects. The brief was to commission five poets to each write a poem inspired by their exhibition of Edwin Smith‘s photographs. I didn’t know the name, but as soon as I swept through the gallery doors, I realised I knew several of the images quite well. If you’ve lived in England for a number of decades, reading a particular kind of book, they’re the sort of things which will have wormed their way into your subconscious.

So far, so good. …

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Ever-Changing Detail

A guest post from Naomi Woddis about ‘Picture This’, a photography-poetry project.

If you had asked me last year about the connections to be made between photography and poetry I would have happily reeled off a list including the imagistic quality of both, that they share a distinct and recognisable language as well as requiring some sort of formal skill and technique. My current photo-poetry project, Picture This, did not arrive with a lightbulb moment in the middle of the night; instead it was the constriction of illness that …

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