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Knoxville Poetry Slam!

 21 year-old English & American Literature student Lora Christy is currently studying abroad at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. She keeps us in the loop as she explores the spoken Word world US style, and her discovery of the Knoxville Poetry Slam! 

When I arrived in Knoxville, Tennessee, the first thing I wanted to know was if it had a poetry scene, and I haven’t been disappointed. Once a month, local poets gather at The Well, a basement bar just outside the city centre that regularly hosts …

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The Found – underground recordings

The Rememberers opened last night at The Old Vic Tunnels – and an integral part of the show are the young writers who comprise The Found. In the story, The Found are secret protectors of The Rememberers, guarding them from the sinister NorCon corporation. Before Kenny Baraka begins the show proper, the audience get to tour the Tunnels and hear from these young poets, who have written pieces based in the dystopian world of the show. Have a listen to some below!

The Rememberers is on all this week …

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Kenny Baraka on The Rememberers at The Old Vic Tunnels

Kenny Baraka, writer and star of hip-hop sci-fi live graphic novel The Rememberers, talks to us about bringing the show to The Old Vic Tunnels this week.

I’m incredibly excited to bring The Rememberers to The Old Vic Tunnels. The venue is exactly the right space for the show: underground and off the grid. As  leader of a formidable rebel group – The Found – I’m telling the story of this little girl whose journey of self-discovery and recently discovered powers change the course of history. Wait ’til …

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