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Raymond Antrobus - Spoken Word: An Education

Raymond Antrobus – Spoken Word: An Education

The second blog post in our series about the Spoken Word Educator Programme (SWEP), delivered in partnership with Goldsmiths University and aiming at nurturing young students’ talents as well as poet educators’ skills. This time around, Raymond Antrobus talks to us about intertwining his poetic voice with his teaching experience.

I have been a Spoken Word Educator for three years. Each year has been different, any teacher will profess that no two years are the same. As educators the lessons for us are limitless. In my first year working in …

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Christian Foley - Spoken Word: An Education

Christian Foley – Spoken Word: An Education

With time over the summer holidays for retrospection, Christian Foley tells us how his involvement with the Spoken Word Educators programme has challenged his poetic practice and changed his ideas about community. 

In an educational climate characterised by the league table, the exam and the inspector’s clipboard, spoken word education has never been more necessary. Wider society is perhaps unaware of this, as are policy makers and government officials, and in fact, at one point, so was I.

I had been (haphazardly) running poetry workshops in schools for a few …

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Spoke: AIR

Continuing from the success of our SPOKE: EARTH project, the third and final season of SPOKE kicked off in May with SPOKE: AIR, and involved even bigger, bolder and more inventive community projects. 

AIR brought together many of the strands that made up SPOKE: work in schools and communities, the Young Poet Laureate for London and loads of activities in the Park itself, and finally rounding it up with WORDCUP2014, a giant slam poetry final at Stratford Circus. SPOKE: AIR was a season not to be missed.

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Raymond Antrobus: in Praise of Michael Rosen and the Truth

The ‘Poet of the Month’ position is a chance for Apples and Snakes to create a little extra attention for those talented poets and poetesses across the country whose work deserves to be circulated and celebrated.

This September our Poet of the Month is Raymond Antrobus, spoken word poet, photographer and educator, and co-curator of popular London poetry events Chill Pill and Keats House Poets. Here’s Ray’s Poet of the Month blogpost, in praise of Michael Rosen and the truth…

“Open the gate of your soul and get

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Holy Family Catholic School makes the Spoken Word Stars of Tomorrow

Holy Family Catholic School makes the Spoken Word Stars of Tomorrow

On Thursday 13th February some of Britain’s youngest performance poets gave their Spoken Word Club Spring Showcase to an audience of well over a hundred people. They were supported by the former poetry World Slam Champion, Kat Francois.

Last year Holy Family Catholic School in Walthamstow became the first school in the country to host full-time embedded poetry, spoken-word educators in collaboration with the Spoken Word Education Programme. Its Spoken Word Club has been meeting for two …

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Poet, playwright and performer Inua Ellams tells Apples and Snakes about the relationship between the poet and the city and the theme behind ‘The Midnight Run’

For me, there are many similarities between what it is to be a writer of poetry and what it is to live in a city. Just as there are rules and regulations governing grammar and sentence  construction, there are rules and regs to urban dwelling. Punctuation is to paragraph as Stop sign is to traffic etc.  In poetry, we bend the rules as much …

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An extract from April’s South West Snakebasket

This is an extract from April’s South West Snakebasket, to view the full version, click here.

Hello beautiful readers, here we are in sunny spring ready to indulge in some sumptuous spoken word shenanigans.

The Daffodils have sprouted, the parks are full and the beach too, isn’t the South West of England beautiful this time of year?  Whether you live near the rolling hills and valleys, by the golden coast or in the hustle of a creative city, here’s to embracing the inspiration all around us.

Just one Apples …

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