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Archive Excavation – Page Match

Archive Excavation – Page Match

As well as printed ephemera and audio-visual material, an archive often includes what’s known as realia, i.e: three-dimensional objects that don’t necessarily fit into any particular category. For the latest #ArchiveExcavation, we focus on a couple of items that well and truly put the G into re(g)alia: two things resembling leftovers from a wrestling-themed carnival-float. Dan Simpson, our former Digital Marketing Officer, tells their story…

Bang Said The Gun‘s second bout of the word-flinging, fighting-writing event Page Match brought together some of London’s top poetry collectives to battle it …

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Richard Purnell is having a bath.

In anticipation of the scratch night for Bathtime – his new, darkly comic poetry show about love, death and bubble baths – Richard Purnell shares his experiences during the creation and development of the show…

Standing at the top of the Royal Mile, at the fag-end of the 2013 Edinburgh Fringe, limply flyering alongside a serially glum Gary From Leeds, surrounded by fire-breathers and beatboxers blithely rinsing tourists of their hard-earned, we realised

we are surrounded by gimmickry. Gimmickry. Not even disguised. The kind of gimmickry that …

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North East Go And See Fund: Part 2

North East poet Jenni Pascoe fills us in on her North East Go And See Fund trip

This summer, a couple of Tyneside poets decided to use the North East Go And See Fund bursary to help them visit the Edinburgh Fringe.

Jenni Pascoe is a performer and a promoter, and the host of the very successful JibbaJabba spoken word cabaret. As someone who regularly books poets, comedians and musicians, the Fringe was a very important opportunity for scoping acts as well as developing her own skills.

“I feel …

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Lauren Powell, Marketing Intern: Travels with my suitcase, for Apples and Snakes.

For the second time I am battling my way around the capital, with my suitcase, to pursue an internship in Digital Marketing & Communications, with the masters of spoken word: Apples and Snakes.

In the last two weeks I have relocated from the far west of London to the far north of London; then to the not-so-far Streatham Hill; plus two trips back to recuperate on home and hilly turf. Next week: Richmond.

The last – nearly three hour – journey there and back has been exhausting, but the …

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Rob Auton interviews himself…

The Yellow Show Q & A

I always try to take a DIY approach towards everything I do, whether it is putting up a shelf, riding a bike or making love.  So with that in mind I decided to interview myself for Apples and Snakes about my first solo Poetry/Comedy show The Yellow Show.


Q.  Why didn’t you do a show about purple? The Purple Show. That could have worked.

A. Well I don’t really have any feelings towards purple. I quite like Donatello from Teenage Mutant Hero

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