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One Way Ticket – Week Four

Rosie Harris talks ships, scripts and staging for the One Way Ticket tour.

Although we don’t start touring until March, the One Way Ticket team has recently been on a mini-tour, visiting the two superb ships (did I mention the ships?) that make up half of our tour venues – the magnificent SS Shieldhall in Southampton, and the equally lovely LV21 in Gillingham. The pictures here are of Chris Elwell from Half Moon and me finding our sea legs with some of our lovely venue hosts, along with …

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One Way Ticket Tour Blog: Week three

Sophie Rose, one of the two artists assisting Rosie Harris with preparing the script for One Way Ticket, talks to Apples and Snakes about Week 3 of rehearsals!

Blimey, that sea shanty that Justin has written is catchy!

It’s been tornado-ing in my head all week. I reckon we’ll have a number 1 hit on our hands before this tour is over.

We are on week 3 now: it’s funny how the words spin in your head as you are writing a new piece of material.
I have found myself …

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one way ticket: Joshua Seigal

A guest post from Joshua Seigal on the second workshop session of One Way Ticket

On Saturday 2nd February, the group of young poets and performers selected to participate in Apples and Snakes’ project One Way Ticket met for the second time. Having kicked off the project the previous week at the Nuffield Theatre in Southampton, the group assembled nice and early at New Writing South, an intimate venue in Brighton, to watch a performance by Rosie Harris, the leader of the project, of her children’s show A

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One Way Ticket: Rosie Harris

A guest post from Rosie Harris introducing her new project in the South East, One Way Ticket.

One Way Ticket is a new children’s spoken word show by me as lead artist, currently in its research and development phase, being funded by Arts Council England and with five (count them!) partner organisations. My previous children’s show (which I’m still bouncing around the country with), A Roo In My Suitcase, had the great team of Apples and Snakes and Half Moon Young People’s Theatre on board. As well as …

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30th Anniversary wrap up!

All through November we’ve been celebrating Apples and Snakes’ 30th anniversary. Here’s what we’ve been up to!

We staged 30 Events in 30 Days across England: starting with a bit of a party at Free Word Centre for the people we work with – have a look at photos from the event below! Throughout November we put on artist workshops, live gigs and education events, all culminating in our big John Cooper Clarke show last weekend in partnership with The Albany, who are also celebrating their 30th! Even …

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An extract from April’s London Snakebasket

This is an extract from April’s London Snakebasket, to view the full version, click here.

Ah, spring: season of mists and mellow fruitfull… – no, hang on, that’s autumn. Nevertheless, spring is an equally fine season, and just as worthy of poetic celebration.

For us, April really kicks in after Easter. It’ll be something to take your mind off all the money you’ve spent on purple foil and cubic centimetres of air. We present another Creative Salon on Thursday 12th, when we invite you, the public, to have …

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