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June Snakebasket Extracts

These are extracts from June’s Snakebaskets. Sign up here to receive the whole message!

From London Coordinator Russell

Hi there, poetry-pickers. Join us, if you will, on a journey into the centre of 2013, in a month that, like an ill-cast pantomime-horse, is considerably more substantial in its posterior than in its front bit. We’ll be proffering paternally prandial poetry at St Thomas’s Hospital on the 17th, with our Fathers’ Day Spoken Word Lunch. And Storycraft also on the 17th will be delighting those immediate products …

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Spoken Word 2042! The 30th Anniversary Commission

Not only are we remembering our thirty years of pushing the power of poetry to the public, we are also wondering about the future of spoken word (the next thirty years) and what it holds. To inspire our thoughts with their poetical prose, we commissioned nine poets from around the regions who each performed at our 30th Anniversary launch party at the Freeword Centre!

The theme for this special commission: Spoken Word 2042…. We want to look forward, to explore what the future holds, and imagine what might be …

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Mini-interviews from Apples and Snakes 30th Party!

Here are some mini-interviews from Apples and Snakes’ 30th Anniversary party, held at Free Word Centre on Friday 2 November.

Apples’ patron Michael Rosen says:

Getting involved with Apples from the early years – it was like windows opening, doors opening, the sky opening. Here were voices from all over the country, all over the world and I just wanted to listen and drink it up and learn how to do it.

Have a listen to our conversations below!

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An extract from November’s South West Snakebasket

This is an extract from November’s South West Snakebasket, to view the full version, click here.

Apples and Snakes are celebrating turning 30! Look out for 30 Events in 30 Days taking place all over the country this November – or see the list here! Do also check out the blog, where some of our artists are writing about how they\ve worked with Apples and Snakes over the years.

In the South West, we have commissioned the beautiful language spinner that is Sally Jenkinson to create a …

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