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SPINE Festival - Introducing Southwark Artist in Residence Gemma Coldicott

SPINE Festival – Introducing Southwark Artist in Residence Gemma Coldicott

Dance artist Gemma Coldicott tells us what she’s been getting up to at Brandon Library as SPINE Festival Artist in Residence for Southwark.

Amplified music and children dancing, in libraries? Not sure these are the most kindred of spirits. So, with slight trepidation I journeyed into Kennington, to Brandon Library, with my mini speaker, and definitely no subwoofers, in toe.

I retrieved my ‘work book’, a solander style box, and prepared it for the session by filling it with items such as scarves and ribbons. Appropriately called ‘What’s

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SPINE Festival – Meet the Boroughs of Croydon and Harrow

Croydon and Harrow are the last of our 11 SPINE Festival boroughs to be introduced. Let’s see what they have to offer!

Introducing Croydon…

Within the borough of Croydon there is a total of 13 libraries promoting and celebrating literacy and creativity.

These libraries provide diverse spaces for the community, offering a wide range of public events and facilities, including information and enquiry services, and free computer and internet access. The London borough of Croydon library services are managed by Cultural Community Solutions Ltd (CCS).

Introducing Harrow…

There is a

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SPINE Festival – Meet the boroughs of Waltham Forest & Brent

Continuing our SPINE Festival introductions, we’re excited to bring you the boroughs of Waltham Forest and Brent.

Introducing Waltham Forest…

Waltham Forest Libraries are much more than places where books are stored. Residents and visitors to the 8 libraries can access a huge range of services and a great programme of regular events; from free internet access to open mic nights – Waltham Forest have it covered!

Within the borough, Walthamstow Library, Lea Bridge Library, and North Chingford Library are thrilled to be hosting events as part of …

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SPINE Festival: Libraries Out Loud

Celebrating arts and literature across London libraries

Thursday 5 March – Sunday 15 March 2015

Kicking off on World Book Day, Thursday 5 March, SPINE Festival brings London communities together to celebrate the arts and literature in libraries. Through an exciting programme of FREE events including music, poetry, storytelling, visual art, dance and drama, SPINE Festival gives children, young people, families and local communities the chance to get involved in fun activities, performances, and creative workshops with top professional artists.

11 boroughs, 33 …

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The Poet on the Road: A Kaleidescope Equipped with Consciousness

Home Cooking: Poems from the Road is a podcast produced by Robin Vaughan-Williams and commissioned by Apples and Snakes. It will be broadcast 5–6pm on Hive Radio every Thursday in December 2014, and will subsequently be available to listen to on SoundCloud. For more about Poems from the Road, visit Robin’s website.

The road is many things to many people. Mostly, I suspect, it’s a bit of a blank. A place that eats up substantial chunks of our lives, yet largely ignored as we focus …

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Jordan – Land of Stories by Sally Pomme Clayton

In her blog for Apples and Snakes and the British Council, Sally Pomme Clayton tells of her journey as an Apples and Snakes representative to the 7th Hakaya Festival 2014…

‘There was, and there was not, but all the same there was …’ is one way an Arabic fairytale can start. Stories take us to fantastic lands, to: the moon; underworld; glass mountain; a girl living at the bottom of a well; a prince with one arm and one wing; a flying horse. I was honoured to travel to Jordan

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Spoke: AIR

Continuing from the success of our SPOKE: EARTH project, the third and final season of SPOKE kicked off in May with SPOKE: AIR, and involved even bigger, bolder and more inventive community projects. 

AIR brought together many of the strands that made up SPOKE: work in schools and communities, the Young Poet Laureate for London and loads of activities in the Park itself, and finally rounding it up with WORDCUP2014, a giant slam poetry final at Stratford Circus. SPOKE: AIR was a season not to be missed.

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Our Friends, the Enemy.

Our Friends, The Enemy is an acclaimed one-man show combining theatre and spoken word to tell the story of the Christmas truce from the First World War. Here, writer Alex Gwyther explains the development of the piece from initial idea to finished production…

The First World War has always held a particular fascination for me. Perhaps I fought in it during a past life. There is something about it which strikes a chord in me, as I’m sure it does with many others. I can’t pinpoint it myself, but in …

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October Snakebasket Extracts

Apples and Snakes’ Snakebaskets are monthly newsletters tailored for each region we work in. Here you will find lots of exciting spoken word stuff and more about what we are up to in your area. Sign up here to receive our monthly Snakebaskets!

From London co-ordinator Russell

The fallen leaves that jewel the ground,
they know the art of dying
and leave with joy their glad gold hearts
in the scarlet shadows lying.

Incredible String Band there with ‘October Song’, pop-pickers.

Hey, now that’s poetry. And October, of …

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Raymond Antrobus: in Praise of Michael Rosen and the Truth

The ‘Poet of the Month’ position is a chance for Apples and Snakes to create a little extra attention for those talented poets and poetesses across the country whose work deserves to be circulated and celebrated.

This September our Poet of the Month is Raymond Antrobus, spoken word poet, photographer and educator, and co-curator of popular London poetry events Chill Pill and Keats House Poets. Here’s Ray’s Poet of the Month blogpost, in praise of Michael Rosen and the truth…

“Open the gate of your soul and get

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