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Jess Green – Roving Poet with Juice Festival

Juice Festival has been a friend of ours for a while now; they’ve had enormous success promoting spoken word to young audiences, and we’ve partnered with them before on both The Rememberers and Kenny Baraka projects. When we heard about their concept for a roving poet at this years festival, we were thrilled to offer our help. It was clear from the start that whoever was selected for the role would be a part of something truly unique and transformative, and we were proud to be a part of that.…

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The Found – underground recordings

The Rememberers opened last night at The Old Vic Tunnels – and an integral part of the show are the young writers who comprise The Found. In the story, The Found are secret protectors of The Rememberers, guarding them from the sinister NorCon corporation. Before Kenny Baraka begins the show proper, the audience get to tour the Tunnels and hear from these young poets, who have written pieces based in the dystopian world of the show. Have a listen to some below!

The Rememberers is on all this week …

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Kenny Baraka on The Rememberers at The Old Vic Tunnels

Kenny Baraka, writer and star of hip-hop sci-fi live graphic novel The Rememberers, talks to us about bringing the show to The Old Vic Tunnels this week.

I’m incredibly excited to bring The Rememberers to The Old Vic Tunnels. The venue is exactly the right space for the show: underground and off the grid. As  leader of a formidable rebel group – The Found – I’m telling the story of this little girl whose journey of self-discovery and recently discovered powers change the course of history. Wait ’til …

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January Snakebasket Extracts

These are extracts from January’s Snakebaskets. Sign up here to receive the whole message!


From London Coordinator Russell
Gosh, can you believe it’s 2013? When I was a lad, there was a TV programme called Space: 1999, in which glamorous aliens underwent full-body molecular transformation in the time in takes you or me to make a cup of tea. A neat link, there, to The Rememberers, Kenny Baraka’s spectacular sci-fi spoken-word show. Imagine if you knew all the accumulated knowledge of your ancestors. (Think how full …

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Season’s Greetings from Apples and Snakes!

Dear Apples and Snakes friends – just a quick message with season’s greetings, and to wish you a very happy new year!

2012 has been a big year for Apples and Snakes, with our huge youth participation programme Shake the Dust happening across England throughout the summer. We’ve also celebrated our 30th Anniversary, with 30 Events in 30 Days, nine brand new poetry commissions and artists blogging about Apples and Snakes’ history – have a look at what we got up to here.

Next year promises to …

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An extract from December’s London Snakebasket

This is an extract from December’s London Snakebasket, to view the full version, click here.

In the words of the song,“December man looks through the snow to let eleven brothers know they’re all a little older.” And how. But enough of this mal du siècle – we have a thrilling month in store. This Friday, we launch The Writing Room (it took us hours to think that one up), a workshop for poets in the 18-25 bracket. Our SPIN show pirouettes off to the Southbank on …

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Kenny Baraka: Making Moves in Spoken Word

I left Brooklyn in search of a new banner under which to march.

Almost ten years later I am proud to count myself among the many Apples & Snakes frontline soldiers; brazen, courageous technicians of the word and its extrapolations. And like all the great armies of Good, Apples gave me the opportunity to be all I could imagine. And more. Not only was I expected to hone my skills and showcase my abilities, my talents but much more importantly the charge of evolve our craft through teaching it to …

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An extract from May’s South East Snakebasket

This is an extract from May’s South East Snakebasket, to view the full version, click here.

Hello all,

May blossom is represented in the Apples and Snakes South East by an exciting new event series blooming in Margate on Friday 25 May. Big Talk will be a mix of performance poetry with open mic, feature guests and poetry films. It’ll all take place in the small, but perfectly formed, Tom Thumb Theatre. Details of the launch event can be found below in the events section.

May also …

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