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Winter at Arvon 2014

 This December, Apples and Snakes joined forces with The Arvon Foundation to organise a poetry week for young writers. Young poet Carmina Masoliver-Marlow writes about her experience. 

Last week I went away on an Arvon course with Apples and Snakes and a big group of poets, mainly from The Writing Room project. I was excited to have a week away to focus on writing, but I was also nervous at the prospect of being with so many people. At the time I was rehearsing for a cabaret show at The

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SPOKE: Earth

Our year began with a great second season here at SPOKE, a series of varied and engaging community events culminating in the opening of the south part of the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park on Saturday 5 April. As 2014 hurtles on and our third season comes to an end, we take a moment to reflect on how our year kicked off.

SPOKE: Earth brought together top UK poets to engage with enthusiastic, inspiring young people through four ambitious spoken word projects across East London in and around the Olympic Park.…

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My experience of The Writing Room, by Carmina Masoliver.

I described my Writing Room experience as a dysfunctional family on my own blog (well, aren’t they the best types of family?). This was because the consistency of everyone being able to make each workshop was less than ideal. I know this is being changed in the new writing room, as to do the final showcase you need to be able to make enough to develop a piece throughout the process. I think this is a positive change, but that lack of consistency didn’t stop each workshop being something extremely

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My experience of The Writing Room, by Rachel Long

My experience of The Writing Room, by Rachel Long

I started going to The Writing Room in February 2013, after seeing a workshop advertised on Apples and Snakes monthly e-newsletter, that I had subscribed to. After finishing my degree in Creative Writing and American Literature, I found myself in a creative slump. The only thing I wrote in the months after leaving Uni were cover letters, applications and editing the C.V for jobs I never heard back from. For someone who is miserable when they are not writing, I needed a creative outlet and a new space to write …

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Lauren Powell, Marketing Intern: Travels with my suitcase, for Apples and Snakes.

For the second time I am battling my way around the capital, with my suitcase, to pursue an internship in Digital Marketing & Communications, with the masters of spoken word: Apples and Snakes.

In the last two weeks I have relocated from the far west of London to the far north of London; then to the not-so-far Streatham Hill; plus two trips back to recuperate on home and hilly turf. Next week: Richmond.

The last – nearly three hour – journey there and back has been exhausting, but the …

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Welcome to our new, exciting 16-25 area – a place for you, 16 to 20-fivers: poets, artists and communicators, with the biggest poetry bite of all!

Young creatives play a huge part in Apples and Snakes work and we are constantly striving to bring you exclusive and fun opportunities, to develop your learning and interaction with poetry and spoken word. Through this blog, we will update you with these opportunities and added extras as well!

The first opportunity that we have coming up is the brilliant FREE Writing Room

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March Snakebasket Extracts

These are extracts from March’s Snakebaskets. Sign up here to receive the whole message!


I don’t know about you, but I feel like things are constantly speeding up in the poetry world. Wouldn’t you agree? Take a look!

The big news this month is the launch of Level Up on the 28th in collaboration with Write Down Speak Up and with the support of a grant from the Birmingham City Council. It’s a quality spoken word night aimed squarely at young people – if you’re aged between 12-19, …

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An extract from December’s London Snakebasket

This is an extract from December’s London Snakebasket, to view the full version, click here.

In the words of the song,“December man looks through the snow to let eleven brothers know they’re all a little older.” And how. But enough of this mal du siècle – we have a thrilling month in store. This Friday, we launch The Writing Room (it took us hours to think that one up), a workshop for poets in the 18-25 bracket. Our SPIN show pirouettes off to the Southbank on …

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