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Tommy Sissons - Why I Write, For Whom I Write

Tommy Sissons – Why I Write, For Whom I Write

Apples and Snakes’ Poet of The Month, Tommy Sissons talks materialism, poetry in education and the inspiration behind his debut poetry collection ‘Goodnight Son’.

The young people of Britain today are raised on mass consumerism. Everywhere we look, someone is trying to sell us something; whether it be the latest mobile phone, the swankiest car or the celebrity-endorsed designer shoes. This creates a culture of materialism. The issue with this is that those from poorer backgrounds are denied the lavish lifestyle they see glamourised on television because they do not …

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PUBLIC ADDRESS II: Meet the poets – Selina Nwulu

Selina Nwulu: South West Representative on the Apples and Snakes’ tour – Public Address II,  introduces us to her political poetry style

Okay, so you’ve met Chris Stewart (NE), Jack Dean (SW) now its time to say hello to the political yet personal poetry force that is Selina Nwulu!

Selina, representing the London region, is in fact Yorkshire-born. She has been performing across the UK and beyond for the past two years. Her work has been published in a variety of collections, most recently in a human-rights-themed poetry anthology published …

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