The Alternative Magna Carta Festival

Lucy Crompton-Reid, Director at Apples and Snakes, gives an insight into The Alternative Magna Carta Festival taking place at Free Word Centre, Farringdon on Saturday 13 June.

As a founding member of Free Word, Apples and Snakes supports freedom of expression, and we are increasingly concerned about an erosion of civil liberties and the possibility of UK withdrawal from the European convention on Human Rights. Given this context, the official celebrations of the Magna Carta this year become deeply ironic, given its status as the template for limited and responsible government, and its continued symbolism around the world as a metaphor for freedom, justice and human rightsCG0IkdNUgAA4VcY.

The Alternative Magna Carta Festival will take place this Saturday, the 13th June, at the Free Word Centre in Farringdon and will feature high profile writers, speakers and journalists such as Suzanne Moore and Zoe Williams – both of whom I love – alongside six talented and passionate spoken word artists. Anthony Anaxagorou, Inua Ellams, Kat Francois, Rachel Long, Kareem Parkins-Brown and Joelle Taylor have all been commissioned by Apples and Snakes to write new work in response to the themes of the festival, with performances scheduled across the day. People going to the festival – which costs just £5 for an all-day ticket – can also take part in participatory workshops including an exploration of writing and performance in the context of free expression and political debate, led by Kat Francois.

I hope you will join us on Saturday for a day of debate, dissent and discussion, and some of the best, most exciting spoken word and performance poetry this country has to offer.

Lucy Crompton-Reid
Director | Apples and Snakes

Visit the event page for further details about The Alternative Magna Carta Festival on Saturday 13 June, 1-7pm, along with the full spoken word programme of workshops and performances. Or visit #AltMagnaCarta