A live hip hop graphic novel

Based on an original story by Kenny Baraka & Emerson Herdman. Written and performed by Kenny Baraka.

TIME: 2150 AD
PLACE: Norflyn. People’s Defence Training Basecamp half a mile west of Norcon’s central facility.
Join Kia – leader of the Found, guardian of the Rememberers – as he tells the story of 16-year-old 7’s discovery that she holds the key to humankind’s future.
Earth’s vital signs are weakening and the Rememberers can wait no longer to battle against the sinister NorCon Corporation lead by the demonic Don Marquis, in order to save the planet.
With fresh water soon to run out and the enemy on her tail, will 7 accept her fate, and will she be able to call back Hope before it’s too late?
A classic tale of good versus evil, told through rap narration, lyrics, projection, music and graphic novel illustration.

producer: Lisa Mead
direction: Carl Ford
design: Paul Burgess
projection & lighting: Arnim Friess
illustrations: Cristian Ortiz
music: Drew Horley & Professor D
tour production manager: Rachel Shipp

Script commissioned by Birmingham Repertory Theatre
Developed by Apples & Snakes
With support from the Albany

Supported by the PRS Foundation and the National Lottery through Arts Council, England.

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